I am Mohit Malpani. Currently working with Tesco (UK Retail chain) in Bangalore. I have completed my bachelors in Engineering from Bangalore in the department of Computer Science. I had aspiring dreams of exploring the field of science since childhood, which led me to take up the subject of Computer Science at my school in Kolkata. I have been associated with C-Cube from my early days of +2 and my journey has had been fruitful since the first day. I explored the ocean of the powerful language C++ in my 2 years of engagement with C-Cube.
- Mohit Malpani
I am Sanjoy Halder , an alumni of our beloved computer institution C-Cube ,I would say my career launcher .When I started my basic computer programming lessons during my high school days , initially I faced various problems coping up with it . But then I got to know about C-Cube which helped me build my fundamentals strong and taught at a very elementary level , easily understandable for beginners . Then throughout my High school and later in my College days, I received essential knowledge on different programming languages and logic.
- Sanjay Halder
I have had a long association of almost 5 years with C-Cube. In these years I had been greatly benefitted by the sincere teaching and effective guidance of C-Cube. Currently I am working as a Customer service Executive in Air India Ltd. C-Cube maintains a very friendly yet a very professional approach with each and every students and has a unique style of making complex logic understand very easily by way of giving practical real-life examples and that basically helps student to grow interest in the subject and make them feel confident and ultimately help them to gain their desired results and reach their destinations.
- Anonda Dutta